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By using the services of The Grey Studio + Spa, you are demonstrating your acceptance to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (Terms). The Terms may be modified from time to time by updating this page. You should visit this page frequently to review the current Terms.



All estimates / quotes, unless those following a physical assessment of the item to be restored, are preliminary. The provisional price is a provisional estimate only, which shall be determined with reference to all relevant factors including, without limitation, the style and condition of the item, the material composition and nature of the damage. On occasion, we may exercise our right to revise the price upwards after providing a fixed quote due to unforeseen complexities or item condition.  


Once the quote has been approved, you will be required to make payment for restoration work to commence. We accept all major credit cards, Paypal and EMT. All repairs are final sale. If the card or method of payment fails, we reserve the right to retain your items until full payment has been received.


The Grey Studio + Spa specializes in functional repair. Items of appreciated value, antiques, and other valuable items may have a diminished monetary value after customer-requested repair services are completed [recolouring + customization]. Work performed cannot be undone or returned back to the pre-repair condition. There are no refunds on any repairs, cleaning, dyeing or alterations. Dyed items may look different when viewed in different lighting, they may also have a different hand feel than original materials. We offer original hardware for many brands, but not all. We will speak to you about using generic hardware replacements if necessary. We provide good faith estimates as to when repairs will be completed and/or shipped; they are not to be considered deadlines. The use of the words “restore”, “restoring”, or “restoration” on this website does not mean we can bring any item back to ‘brand new’ or ‘original factory condition’. If you have any concerns once you recieve your item(s), please contact us within 5 business days so we can remedy any issues in a timely manner.


We reserve the right to use photographs of your item for our marketing materials, including but not limited to; website, social media, printed materials, etc. We will not reveal customer identities unless otherwise requested. Any signifying markers such as initials, monograms, or personalization will be blurred or hidden, unless otherwise requested. If you would prefer photos of your item not be used, please let us know in writing.


Please inspect your leathergoods for personal items such as jewellery, identification and cash before sending them to The Grey Studio + Spa. If we find any valuables, we will endeavour to return them to you, but we are not liable for the loss of any such articles.

For items being picked up within the city limits of Calgary, please ensure that you arrive at the agreed upon location in a timely manner, and please have your item in a bag. During the ongoing COVID situation, we ask that you please wear a mask for the exchange of goods. Thank you for your understanding.

For items being mailed to our secure location, please ensure that we have booked in your item before mailing anything to us.  You may ship to us using any courier that you wish. It is the customer’s responsibility to insure the item accordingly. When we ship the item back out to you upon completion, we will choose the same insurance rate and courier by which we received it. While your item is under the care of your preferred courier, it falls under their responsibility and is bound by their terms + conditions.

Please be advised that the way in which your item is packed can affect the condition of your item. While it may save a few dollars to package your item into the smallest box or envelope, the stress of tight folds or flattening your item can be damaging to the shape and structure. If you have any questions about the best way to package your item, please let us know.

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